About Us

Industry Focus

DFW Capital Partners has extensive expertise in acquiring and growing companies in the Healthcare, Business, and Industrial Services industries.  Over the years, DFW Capital Partners has demonstrated the ability to earn above-average investment returns through the management and enhancement of the rapid growth trajectory unique to service companies.

Service-oriented companies that are of particular interest include businesses which:

  • Derive competitive advantage through the proprietary use of technology;
  • Benefit from a recurring revenue stream;
  • Have high margin, scalable business models;
  • Can be expanded through selective add-on acquisitions to expand service lines, diversify geography or deepen customer penetration.

Approximately half of DFW’s investment activity has been in the healthcare field – investing in companies involved in improving efficiency, patient outcomes, and regulatory compliance. This includes companies providing outsourced business services throughout the healthcare delivery system, as well as companies providing healthcare services directly to patients.

Healthcare Services areas of interest:

  • Companies taking advantage of value shifts in the medical reimbursement chain or demographic trends;
  • Service providers focused on lowering administrative costs, increasing provider efficiency, reducing risk, and improving patient results;
  • Companies involved in development, distribution, marketing, and regulation in the pharmaceutical industry.

DFW also focuses on outsourcing companies – in both the business process and industrial support arena. Of particular interest are companies driven by regulatory imperatives, process improvement, and customer efficiency requirements. We draw on 25+ years of firm experience across a wide array of industries to bring strategic perspective and practical ideas to tackle the challenges of growing service businesses.

Business Services areas of interest:

  • Value added back office processing and administrative services, with an emphasis on regulatory compliance and operational accountability;
  • Service providers driving increased efficiency, reduced costs, and best-of breed business and operating practices.

Industrial Services areas of interest:

  • Outsourcing of non-core operational functions;
  • Service providers focused on regulatory compliance, efficient labor utilization, improved turnaround time and process improvement.